Grasshopper Mouse is on the Market!

~~Are you more concerned with the price of your supplies than the cost of your inventory?

Do you know how much inventory you have? How much should you be spending on inventory? How much of your cash is lost in credit memos and free goods that are never received? How much time is your staff wasting on inventory? When is your equipment going out of warranty? How much are you losing in equipment repairs?

We can put the answers to these questions at your fingertips. Lean Dental Solutions brings the best of lean supply management knowledge to the dental office with Grasshopper Mouse. Increasing profitability and enhancing productivity in a cloud-based system, Grasshopper Mouse is the most complete inventory control system on the market.

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Grasshopper Mouse Now Tracks Implants and CERECĀ®

Grasshopper Mouse inventory control system is the only inventory control system on the market designed from the ground-up with dental office inventory control in mind.

Because Grasshopper Mouse is cloud-based, we are able to offer our customers updates and new features as quickly as they are available. We don't have to wait to send out a disc with v.! If we have it, our users get it.

Early on, our users asked that Implants be allowed to track separately from the rest of the inventory. We provided that almost immediately. Now, in answer to our users' needs, they are now able to also track CEREC® products separately from their general inventory.

Intrigued? Come on over to and request a demo; we'll get right back to you to setup a web demo with you and your staff.

(CEREC is a registered trademark of Sirona Dental Systems, Inc.)

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