I recently lost an order on a system because a dental distributor representative told the office that her company has an inventory control system that does the same thing Grasshopper Mouse does, but for free.

This is a complete misunderstanding on the part of that representative of what Grasshopper Mouse does for a dental practice.

First of all, there are no dental inventory control systems, that I’m aware of, that are offered by dental distributors. There are programs and systems that function as tools to facilitate placing orders to a particular distributor. One or two distributors have partnered in the past with dental inventory systems, but those have not been offered to the customers at no charge and are not administered by the distributor.

To set your mind at ease, it is our aim at Lean Dental Solutions to use Grasshopper Mouse to partner with dental distributor representatives to provide a value-added service to their customers. In every case where the distributor rep has seen the value of the Mouse, they have used it as an opportunity to enhance their relationship with the office. The Mouse has built-in features that allow or enhance direct communication with vendors.

For example, in one location, a Schein rep, with an account that does $8-9K/month in business, insisted on being trained on the system and we set ordering up so that every order is emailed directly to him. Patterson Special Markets in the northeast shares an 18-office practice with us and seeks opportunities to have the Mouse placed with other customers. Darby shares an account in Washington with us. They are set up to have all orders faxed directly to the customer service rep for that account.

Here is a short list of what the Mouse will do for your customers:

  • Cloud-Based
  • Virtual Inventory Control
  • Barcode Data Entry
  • Order Generation


  • Product running low (Order)
  • Shelf-life expiring
  • Return credit received?
  • Promised free goods due.
  • Repair due back
  • Warranty expiring
  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Inventory Adjustment Notification

Other Features:

  • Return, Free Goods & Backorder Tracking
  • Equipment Data Storage & Reporting
  • Separate categories  for Implant, CAD/CAM, And “Other” Data Storage & Reporting

Document Storage

  • IFU
  • SDS


  • Purchase history
  • Implants
  • Other
  • Scan-Out report
  • Order history
  • Inventory On-Hand
  • Shelf-life expiration dates
  • Equipment inventory
  • Equipment warranty aging
  • Repair history

We provide a barcode printer and scanners.

Annual support includes:

  • Updates and upgrades
  • Support, Training, Consulting, as Needed
  • System Maintenance
  • 100% guarantee on scanners
  • Service on system as needed
  • 1 major data adjustment/year
  • Additional Training as Needed
  • Printer Loaner, if Needed
  • Free shipping on loaners & purchases

I hope that this sets everyone’s mind at ease.  If you’d care to have a demo of the system and get an idea of the thinking behind it, please go to https://www.ghmouse.com/  to schedule a demo.

If you’d care to chat, here is my contact information:

Kim Bleiweiss


Office: 714-912-4183

Mobile: 714-423-2989


Thank you!